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About Us


Al Safa Commerce B.V. is an international trading company specialized in the import and export of steel and steel related machinery.

My name is Tamer Ibrahim. I am the owner and founder of Al Safa Commerce B.V.. Since 2010 I have been expanding my companies knowledge and network in the steel industry.


I was born in Cairo, Egypt. My study Accounting brought me to Europe. Starting 2007 steel trade related requests came in from friends and acquaintances from Cairo. As time passed, and  requests were still coming in, I decided in 2010 it was time to explore if a long cherished dream could become reality. Out of interest and love for trading I started to gather knowledge on steel, steel machinery and export requirements. The effort made over the years has resulted in the international trading company named Al Safa Commerce B.V..


My company is relatively young but we are fast expanding our network in Europe and in MEA. With a small dedicated workforce we trade around 15.000 ton of steel a year. We are exporting steel and steel related machinery to a wide variety of countries. Our main focus is on export to the Middle East and Africa.


Al Safa Commerce B.V. exports a wide range of long, round and flat products. We buy from dedicated suppliers and partners in Europe. If necessary our products will be stored for a short period of time in our warehouse facilities located near Rotterdam and Antwerp.


Together with our logistic partners we can ensure secure ocean shipping and road-transport. We have a good knowledge of the regulations related to the export to MEA. This helps us to ensure export documentation is according to the current applicable requirements.


We have become part of a growing international professional network in the world of steel. As owner and founder of Al Safa Commerce B.V. I invite you to contact me at any time. I am looking forward to our conversation and possible business opportunities. 

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